This Week

Yesterday was the beginning of our church's  annual missions revival! which will be continuing through out this week.
Every year our church has a meeting focused on missions where we renew our faith promise, or increase it, and get to meet new missionaries. Sometimes our church will take on new missionaries, depending on how the Lord leads our Pastor.
We started preparing for our meeting early this year. We have gone out door knocking and witnessing, inviting people to come to our church and using that as an opportunity to spread the gospel! The Lord has rewarded us and brought several new visitors to the church!
The missions meeting is extra special to my family because it is the anniversary of the time when God really began to work in our hearts and mold us each into His image. That is a really long story that I might blog about later, nevertheless, my family still rejoices this time of year!

Any way, I just wanted to let y'all know what was goin on and share my excitement!
To God be the Glory
~Miss Taeler~


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