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Due to troubles I have been having with this blog I have moved to a different blog. A Fading Flower is the Title and I hope to see you there!
I apologize, again, for the inconvenience and for any trouble I might have caused y'all. Thanks soo much for reading my blog and please do come and peak at my new one!

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This Week

Yesterday was the beginning of our church's  annual missions revival! which will be continuing through out this week.
Every year our church has a meeting focused on missions where we renew our faith promise, or increase it, and get to meet new missionaries. Sometimes our church will take on new missionaries, depending on how the Lord leads our Pastor.
We started preparing for our meeting early this year. We have gone out door knocking and witnessing, inviting people to come to our church and using that as an opportunity to spread the gospel! The Lord has rewarded us and brought several new visitors to the church!
The missions meeting is extra special to my family because it is the anniversary of the time when God really began to work in our hearts and mold us each into His image. That is a really long story that I might blog about later, nevertheless, my family still rejoices this time of year!

Any way, I just wanted to let y'all know what was goin on and share my excitement!
To God be the Glory
~Miss Taeler~

A Good Day

I feel like I've accomplished alot today. I fed the bees, worked in the garden, started sewing a skirt, did my usual chores, and did a little reading. I think I could've done some schoolwork (and should have) but I had too much fun working on my skirt! It's one of those skirts you can make out of a pair of jeans. Super simple; meaning I can do it!
Sorry I don't have pics, I didn't think to take any. 
At any rate, I have had a blessed day and am soo thankful that I was able to enjoy it! Everything from the beautiful weather to the peace and quite was very enjoyable. 
I am looking forward to tomorrow, there will be alot going on, and Lord willing it will be a good day too. 

God bless all of y'all and may you have a good day tomorrow!
~finding joy in the small stuff~
~Miss Taeler~

No Fear

No Fear
 By Elma Helgason

A mother wolf, alert in fear,
Guards her playful wolf pups dear.
Hiding in their woodsy home,
Where God's creatures love to roam.

God put in creatures, fear of man,
When sin had wrecked His perfect plan.
But in His glorious Earth made new,
Their trust and friendship will surely renew.

Our hearts will fill with joy and cheer,
When man and beast no longer fear!
With wolf pups then we'll romp and play,
In perfect harmony each day!

Just a cute poem I though you might like.

Vitamin Facts part 6

Vitamin K

As far as I know, there isn't a vitamin F or G. So K is obviously our next victim. I do believe that vitamin K is also the last one on the list. Which means that vitamin K is the last one I have learned about, therefore, the last one I'll be blogging about. Which, I'm sure, will be a relief to my dear readers!
Anyway, vitamin K is very important because, without it you could bleed to death! Vitamin K helps your blood to coagulate. So, without it ,blood does not clot properly which could lead to internal bleeding, and bleeding to death.
You can get vitamin K in your diet from yogurt, alfalfa( an excellent source by the way), dark green leafy vegetables, cabbage, cauliflower, egg yolk, liver, and soy bean oil. To suggest a "proper" daily amount is difficult because, like vitamin D, the needed amount varies from person to person.

I hope that, at least, some of this information has been helpful and easy to understand. Just remember that diet and exercise are the keys to preventing those unwanted doctor bills and keeping your body healthy!

~Miss Taeler~

Vitamin Facts part 5

Vitamin E

If you know your "ABC's" then you already knew what was next.(I hope) :]
Vitamin E is just as important, or maybe even more important than any other of the 7 basic vitamins. Without vitamin E your body wouldn't be able to absorb other nutrients and process other vitamins properly. Which could lead to having the deficiency symptoms of other vitamins and minerals, when all you lack is E.
Specifically, vitamin E helps your body keep nutrients from being destroyed in your body by oxygen. It also helps your body use vitamin A and increase the amount of vitamin A that can be stored in your liver. E helps convert your food into energy, keep your heart and skeletal muscles healthy, and helps burns heal faster.
Some edible sources of vitamin E are:
-vegetable oils
-wheat germ
-whole grain breads and cereals
-egg yolk
-bean sprouts
-lettuce &
Vitamin E deficiency symptoms are...fatigue, weakness, & deficiency symtoms of other vitamins.
It's hard to determine the amount of vitamin E that you need, because it depends on the amount of fats and oils you eat. However, you generally need more vitamin E the more fats and oils that you eat.
Again, just do your best to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle with the 7 basic food groups all incorporated proportionately, and plenty of good exercise!
God bless!
~Miss Taeler~

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