A Good Day

I feel like I've accomplished alot today. I fed the bees, worked in the garden, started sewing a skirt, did my usual chores, and did a little reading. I think I could've done some schoolwork (and should have) but I had too much fun working on my skirt! It's one of those skirts you can make out of a pair of jeans. Super simple; meaning I can do it!
Sorry I don't have pics, I didn't think to take any. 
At any rate, I have had a blessed day and am soo thankful that I was able to enjoy it! Everything from the beautiful weather to the peace and quite was very enjoyable. 
I am looking forward to tomorrow, there will be alot going on, and Lord willing it will be a good day too. 

God bless all of y'all and may you have a good day tomorrow!
~finding joy in the small stuff~
~Miss Taeler~


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