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I apologize, again, for the inconvenience and for any trouble I might have caused y'all. Thanks soo much for reading my blog and please do come and peak at my new one!

Please Come Again

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This Week

Yesterday was the beginning of our church's  annual missions revival! which will be continuing through out this week.
Every year our church has a meeting focused on missions where we renew our faith promise, or increase it, and get to meet new missionaries. Sometimes our church will take on new missionaries, depending on how the Lord leads our Pastor.
We started preparing for our meeting early this year. We have gone out door knocking and witnessing, inviting people to come to our church and using that as an opportunity to spread the gospel! The Lord has rewarded us and brought several new visitors to the church!
The missions meeting is extra special to my family because it is the anniversary of the time when God really began to work in our hearts and mold us each into His image. That is a really long story that I might blog about later, nevertheless, my family still rejoices this time of year!

Any way, I just wanted to let y'all know what was goin on and share my excitement!
To God be the Glory
~Miss Taeler~

A Good Day

I feel like I've accomplished alot today. I fed the bees, worked in the garden, started sewing a skirt, did my usual chores, and did a little reading. I think I could've done some schoolwork (and should have) but I had too much fun working on my skirt! It's one of those skirts you can make out of a pair of jeans. Super simple; meaning I can do it!
Sorry I don't have pics, I didn't think to take any. 
At any rate, I have had a blessed day and am soo thankful that I was able to enjoy it! Everything from the beautiful weather to the peace and quite was very enjoyable. 
I am looking forward to tomorrow, there will be alot going on, and Lord willing it will be a good day too. 

God bless all of y'all and may you have a good day tomorrow!
~finding joy in the small stuff~
~Miss Taeler~

No Fear

No Fear
 By Elma Helgason

A mother wolf, alert in fear,
Guards her playful wolf pups dear.
Hiding in their woodsy home,
Where God's creatures love to roam.

God put in creatures, fear of man,
When sin had wrecked His perfect plan.
But in His glorious Earth made new,
Their trust and friendship will surely renew.

Our hearts will fill with joy and cheer,
When man and beast no longer fear!
With wolf pups then we'll romp and play,
In perfect harmony each day!

Just a cute poem I though you might like.

Vitamin Facts part 6

Vitamin K

As far as I know, there isn't a vitamin F or G. So K is obviously our next victim. I do believe that vitamin K is also the last one on the list. Which means that vitamin K is the last one I have learned about, therefore, the last one I'll be blogging about. Which, I'm sure, will be a relief to my dear readers!
Anyway, vitamin K is very important because, without it you could bleed to death! Vitamin K helps your blood to coagulate. So, without it ,blood does not clot properly which could lead to internal bleeding, and bleeding to death.
You can get vitamin K in your diet from yogurt, alfalfa( an excellent source by the way), dark green leafy vegetables, cabbage, cauliflower, egg yolk, liver, and soy bean oil. To suggest a "proper" daily amount is difficult because, like vitamin D, the needed amount varies from person to person.

I hope that, at least, some of this information has been helpful and easy to understand. Just remember that diet and exercise are the keys to preventing those unwanted doctor bills and keeping your body healthy!

~Miss Taeler~

Vitamin Facts part 5

Vitamin E

If you know your "ABC's" then you already knew what was next.(I hope) :]
Vitamin E is just as important, or maybe even more important than any other of the 7 basic vitamins. Without vitamin E your body wouldn't be able to absorb other nutrients and process other vitamins properly. Which could lead to having the deficiency symptoms of other vitamins and minerals, when all you lack is E.
Specifically, vitamin E helps your body keep nutrients from being destroyed in your body by oxygen. It also helps your body use vitamin A and increase the amount of vitamin A that can be stored in your liver. E helps convert your food into energy, keep your heart and skeletal muscles healthy, and helps burns heal faster.
Some edible sources of vitamin E are:
-vegetable oils
-wheat germ
-whole grain breads and cereals
-egg yolk
-bean sprouts
-lettuce &
Vitamin E deficiency symptoms are...fatigue, weakness, & deficiency symtoms of other vitamins.
It's hard to determine the amount of vitamin E that you need, because it depends on the amount of fats and oils you eat. However, you generally need more vitamin E the more fats and oils that you eat.
Again, just do your best to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle with the 7 basic food groups all incorporated proportionately, and plenty of good exercise!
God bless!
~Miss Taeler~

Vitamin Facts part 4

Vitamin D

Vitamin D, known as the sunshine vitamin, exists in several forms. Of course there are the edible forms, but there is also a form inside the fatty substances in your body. This form reacts to ultraviolet sunlight in such a way that when it is exposed to ultraviolet rays it converts into a usable substance that your body can then absorb.
Vitamin D functions to help your body use minerals from other foods to build strong teeth and bones, and helps prevent tooth decay.
Vitamin D can be obtained by spending an hour or two outside on a sunny day, or eating some liver(yuck), fish liver oils, sardines, salmon, tuna, or egg yolks. You can also obtain vitamin D from milk that has been exposed to ultraviolet rays (sunlight), since the fatty substance in your skin that is converted to vitamin D also exists in milk.
A lack of an appropriate amount of vitamin D can cause soft or poorly formed bones and teeth as well as rickets. The appropriate amount of vitamin D varies from person to person, so just do your best to eat healthy and spend time outdoors and your body will do the rest!

Vitamin facts part 3

Vitamin C

Everyone knows vitamin C is important and can be obtained from citrus fruits. However, most folks don't know that vitamin C helps prevent allergies and fatigue! It also helps heal cuts, scrapes, burns, and broken bones, it helps keep your gums healthy, and helps your body form collagen.
The wonderful C is easily obtained from citrus fruits(duh), as well as berries, papayas, cantaloupes, tomatoes, broccoli, raw cabbage, brussel sprouts, and green peppers. In order to prevent a vitamin C deficiency you need to have some in your diet every day. Be careful not get too much at once, or you might get diarrhea! That would be bad. However, your body loves Vitamin C and unless you take A LOT at once then you will be fine.
Without enough C in your diet you are more susceptible to infections, and(of course) a deficiency. Deficiency symptoms are: Bruises( that you don't know where they came from), Bleeding gums, infections, and scurvy. Like vitamin B, a vitamin C deficiency is fairly rare in the USA, but the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Vitamin Facts part 2

B complex vitamins

Vitamin B is hidden in the shadow of vitamin A and the importance of it is often overlooked. The B complex vitamins are fairly easy to obtain in a diet and very profitable for your body. There are four that I've learned about so far and probably several more, but you need to have some of them every day.
Vitamin B functions in your body to...
-use protein to build new tissue
-change food into energy
-help digest your food
-help your body grow at a normal rate
-keep your blood healthy
-keep your gums healthy and prevent tooth decay
-keep the skin around your eyes and mouth smooth and healthy
-help your heart and nervous system work properly
You can get the B complex vitamins from liver, yeast, wheat germ, brown rice, milk, meat, whole-grain breads and cereals, nuts, and most vegetables.
A vitamin B deficiency is pretty rare, but it can lead to anemia and beriberi, which are both life threatening diseases.
As i said, a vitamin B deficiency is pretty rare here in America, so I wouldn't stress over it. Just be careful to make sure that you eat a healthy diet and stay fit and you should "B" fine. :)

This vitamin facts series is just me blogging about what I'm learning in biology. I thought it was interesting, helpful info and wanted to share! If you have any questions or comments, please comment, and I will do my best to answer them.

~finding joy in the small stuff~
~Miss Taeler~

Vitamin Facts part 1

Vitamin A

When I think of vitamin A, I automatically think of carrots. I must admit that the two go hand in hand, however, there is much more to vitamin A than the orange root that most children despise.
Did you know that a vitamin A deficiency can cause night blindness, sensitivity to light, dry and rough skin,dull hair, ridges in your nails, poorly formed teeth, diseased gums, and stunted growth! I knew it was important but didn't know it was that important!
So where can we get enough vitamin A to prevent having a deficiency? CARROTS! Not really, they are a good source but so is any dark green or dark yellow vegetables and dark yellow fruits. As well as egg yolks, milk, fish liver oils, liver, and real butter. So, if your kids don't like carrots very much, don't worry. It's good to make them continually try little bites, since kids tastes change as they grow, but miss mom, they won't loose their sight if they don't eat a carrot a day.
Now the question is, "How much vitamin A is enough?" Well, you generally need to eat at least one serving of vegetables twice a day. That should be easy, right?
Yes, I know, easier said than done. I don't think that my family even eats that many vegetables! (OOPS)
However, of you eat a lot of vitamin A it will help you have healthy,smooth skin, it will help you see well and help you develop healthy bones and tooth enamel. It will also help your body fight infections and colds! So, happy Vitamin A to all of you and may we all eat healthier!

Beware of Following Your Heart

Hollywood is constantly telling everyone to follow their hearts; this message they send annoys me. America's idol is telling people to believe in something they can't trust, and the American people have to do that enough already!
The bible says, "The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: and who can know it?" Jeremiah 17:9(kjb)
Our heart can tell us many things. for instance, the heart of a thief tells him to steel but conscience tells him not to break the law, which says, "Thou shalt not steel"(Exodus 20:15). The heart of murderer tells him to kill, which is also against the law. The heart of an adulterer will convince him/her to ruin another perfectly good relationship for their own personal gain when this too is wrong in the sight of God and man. A human cannot trust their own heart.
So who can a heart trust If he can't trust himself? He definitely can't trust the government, his friends, and (more often than not) his own family! A stranger will lie to him, a friend will betray him, and family will forsake him, so who can he turn to?! Who can he trust?
Well friend, if you don't know God...then there's no one you can turn to. You are helplessly alone and with out a shoulder to lean on or a person to talk to, and friend, you need to know God and trust Him as your saviour. If you would like to do that today then scroll down down my blog til you find the plan of salvation and read it. Dear reader if you have a personal relationship with Christ, then stop believing the devil's lies and start reading your bible! Don't follow your heart, friend, follow God. He could use your help, that is if you are a willing vessel. The fields are white unto harvest, but the laborers are few! Friend, you can be used of God and receive a reward in heaven rather than be used of satan and receive glory on this ball of dirt! Glory that will fade and be forgotten with time.
Dear brother or sister I beg you to please, not follow your heart! It's not worth it, and please don't believe Hollywood anymore. Please follow the Lord and let Him do something great with your life. Friend, God needs you. Please don't follow your heart.


I have three brothers. They are 21, 15, and almost 14( in march). my older brother, Josh, lives in Missouri and he is my 2nd favorite hero. Simply because he is my big brother and there's nothin' I wouldn't do for him.
My other 2 brothers are my little brothers and they are usually just in my hair. However, yesterday and today they've been gone on a baptist history tour that most of the men in our church went on. Soo.... I've had the whole house to myself and mom and honestly I have had a delightful time! I feel a little guilty for having so much fun without them, but I still can't help but enjoy the peace and quiet. It's even been worth the extra work!
I know, I know, I'm horribly awful and that's okay with me, but if it makes you feel any better I am starting to miss them. I miss their laughing, and the mumble in the back ground, I miss having someone to tease and someone to object to the girly movies my mom and I like so much, but I know that they are coming back tonight and that makes me feel better.
Honestly, I would go stir crazy if my brothers stayed gone for long. It's too quiet without them. I really do look forward to their return, silly as I might sound, my brothers mean a great deal to me and I'd give anything to make sure that they were always safe and happy.I'm very thankful for my brothers, and I can't wait, well yes I can, but it will be exciting to see what kind of men they become.
Nevertheless, until they return I will continue to enjoy the peace and quiet they left for me as well as all the extra goodies I can treat myself to while they're away!

Lots of ice cream for instance! ;)

That's all for now, ttyl

~finding joy in the small stuff~Miss Taeler~

Just Another Day

Well, the puppies went home and the house was...well, semi-cleaned, We put our heads back in the books and...basically returned to life as usual. Our to do list is still 50 or so miles long and the dishes have stacked up on the counter again, but they will all get done in time. I just wanted to snatch the opportunity to sit in the warm sun puddle that just happened to be pooling on my desk chair. So, I figured I would blurb a little.
This week has been tiresome, even though we haven't done much, all this rain and gloominess just wears me out. Today however, the sun decided to stay with us a while and I have most definitely enjoyed it!
These "usual" days at the house are my favorite because God always reminds me of how blessed I've been. There's work to do and books to read, definitions to learn and family to chat with, warmth in the house and good food to eat, and soo many other seemingly little things that, all too often, are taken for granted. When it's peaceful on these days it's soo much easier to read my bible and the quietness refreshes my mind and makes it easier to think. Thank God for usual days! I'm afraid I might blow my top if I didn't have them.
Any way, I'm done, just felt like sharing my thoughts come again some other time and I will probably have something more interesting for you to read. TTYL


Just about everybody loves puppies, they're adorable, cuddly, smelly, snuggly, fuzzy, little bundles of love, and I have discovered the perfect way to keep them! The perfect puppy plan is simple and will help you keep accidents and messes down to a minimum while your joy and happiness overflow! I am convinced that this perfect puppy plan is so perfect that I will guarantee it's perfection with the promise that you can return the puppy if the plan doesn't work for you.
So, here's the plan. You bring the puppy home and make it nice and comfortable, don't forget to feed it and water it, and play with every now and then. Then when it's owner returns from his/her trip take the puppies back. Now go back to your house and enjoy a peaceful evening without having to take a whiny, squirmy thing out side in the freezing cold in your pajamas!
Your right, it's PUPPY SITTING!!! We are watching a couple pups this weak. They are lab/boxer mixes and are the cutest things! However, the two dogs we already have are very jealous and glad that we aren't keeping these fuzz-balls. We will have them for one or two more days then we will take them home and enjoy our peaceful evening!
That's the plan, and I hope you like it, if by some chance you happen to use it.
So to all you puppy fans, Happy Puppy Sitting!!!


We finally began work yesterday! You would think that this wouldn't be an exciting fact, but I am ecstatic! We've gotten soo much done, I don't want to bore you with the list!It is very impressive what folks can accomplish when they work together. :)
Now our family is several steps closer to being able to start our own business! Which will be called Grace and Glory Gardens, in honor of our Savior who has blessed us with such an abundance of things. The plan, in a condensed version, is to prepare the yard and garden to grow as much as possible then grow all we can, raise the animals more efficiently, and make our hobbies profitable by going to farmers markets and selling things from our home.
This all sounds feasible, but now that we have begun the journey it appears quite overwhelming. However, I now God gives grace and will help us as long as we stay in His will. I just hope that my body will get over the whole being sore and achy thing, that is very uncomfortable.


Well, I had a pleasant birthday! I woke to mom singing "Happy Birthday" and the dog licking my face. Friends and relatives called to wish me a pleasant day, and I got everything I asked for except a tractor.
Although, I didn't expect one, I just threw the wish out there to see what would happen.
All together, I was reminded of how much I have been blessed and I was encouraged to continue in the faith that I call mine.

17 years is not a very long time, therefore I inevitably have many more years to live, unless the Lord takes me home. So I'll continue to live each day for my Lord, no matter how old I am, and just hope and pray that somehow He will be able to use me.
In the mean time I am sure to enjoy being 17! :)

2 Days Away!!!!!!!

I was born at 10 something pm on a Friday night 17 years ago this Saturday! I don't remember what it was like coming into this world( thank goodness) but it sure has been an adventure being here!
And to think I've only been here 17 years and, Lord willing, have several more to go. there's still a lot of miles to go and lessons to learn. My prayer is only that, in the end I will hear, "well done thou good and faithful servant, enter now into the joy of thy Lord."

a bit of encouragement

When I was little my family always told me that I could do whatever I set my mind to becuase I was a Thompson. Then, I accepted Christ as my savior at the age of 6 and grew in grace a LOT. I learned about not living in the flesh and disregarded our family saying as carnal, then wandered about slightly discouraged at the fact that I could no longer do whatever I set my mind to.
Now, 10 years later, I learn that the saying is not carnal, just misinterpreted! My pastor said that I'm a child of God, I can do whatever I set my mind to! Boy! Was that exciting news for me! I had never thought of it like that. Now that my encouragement is no longer carnal but heavenly, I feel as if I could conquer hell in the name of the Lord with a water gun!
Because I'm a child of God, I can do whatever I set my mind to!

Now, whether or not God will bless my doings is a whole other story!

Boys Will be Boys

My little brothers have decided on going on a new adventure. They have taken a fancy to tanning hides. As you know daddy shot a deer, but they were able to get some more a couple weeks after that. So my brothers had a grand total of three hides. The first accidentally thawed when the freezer threw a fit and decided to turn itself off. They just fleshed and partially de-haired the other one two days ago. unfortunately, a beginners mistake made quite the mess of that hide. and the third is stored away waiting for the two to have enough spare time to work it.
Personally, I am excited for my brothers since it's always good to learn a new trade, and because this means I might get the moccasins I've been wishing for! :) It's also fun to watch them learn, not only from words on paper, but from experience as well.

First Day of Work

Almost every day last month I said to myself " The first monday of January I will start work."
Today is the first Monday of January and all I've done is grind up deer meet. I don't Know if I should feel ashamed or make up excuses.I just feel so worn out; almost as if someone stole my energy in the night! (sigh)
Can't I give in to procrastination one more time!? I know I shouldn't, but I really am hindered, just not by anything life threatening.
I guess I should just suck it up and get busy. (sigh)
I think I've already lost this battle.
OH!!! I know what I'll do! ( hehehe)

the first day of work has been postponed due to the exhaustion of the workers. A day of ease is prescribed by Dr. Procrastination.

Haha! that is good enough for me! now if you would excuse me I'll be conjuring up something to do with myself, after I finish my schoolwork.


Today is the first day of 2010!
How exciting to think of a new year beginning today!!!
Yet, depressing to think of how many people will waste it. I hope you will use this year wisely and may we all get our hearts right with God, turn from our wicked ways, humble ourselves, and pray, and seek HIS face. Then God will hear our prayer and heal our land!



Procrastination is my worst enemy but it's not her fault this time! I haven't posted in a while because I have been really busy.
Some of my recent activities that might be of some interest to you are;
a) a trip to Randleman NC from the 21st to the 23rd
b) Christmas at home
c) Christmas party at a friends house
d) school work from 9:00am to 5:00pm the 28th-30th
e) cooking the day of the 31st
f) enjoying good preaching new years eve
e) sleeping in today!

Now I am anticipating my 17th birthday on the 16th, still doing school work, and starting work on the 4th. Work is getting our family's business started( more on that in an upcoming post) I am also tring to figure out how to put pictures on here so y'all can get a better look at these crazy things I talk about!

My Apologies

I'm sorry for not posting in forever. We've been really busy. What with Christmas And New Years. We went to see family and had a watch night service here at our home church, and long story short I didn't post because of time. Although I don't think there's very many readers here yet I still apologize to those of you who have faith in me.

looking for something?