Just about everybody loves puppies, they're adorable, cuddly, smelly, snuggly, fuzzy, little bundles of love, and I have discovered the perfect way to keep them! The perfect puppy plan is simple and will help you keep accidents and messes down to a minimum while your joy and happiness overflow! I am convinced that this perfect puppy plan is so perfect that I will guarantee it's perfection with the promise that you can return the puppy if the plan doesn't work for you.
So, here's the plan. You bring the puppy home and make it nice and comfortable, don't forget to feed it and water it, and play with every now and then. Then when it's owner returns from his/her trip take the puppies back. Now go back to your house and enjoy a peaceful evening without having to take a whiny, squirmy thing out side in the freezing cold in your pajamas!
Your right, it's PUPPY SITTING!!! We are watching a couple pups this weak. They are lab/boxer mixes and are the cutest things! However, the two dogs we already have are very jealous and glad that we aren't keeping these fuzz-balls. We will have them for one or two more days then we will take them home and enjoy our peaceful evening!
That's the plan, and I hope you like it, if by some chance you happen to use it.
So to all you puppy fans, Happy Puppy Sitting!!!


We finally began work yesterday! You would think that this wouldn't be an exciting fact, but I am ecstatic! We've gotten soo much done, I don't want to bore you with the list!It is very impressive what folks can accomplish when they work together. :)
Now our family is several steps closer to being able to start our own business! Which will be called Grace and Glory Gardens, in honor of our Savior who has blessed us with such an abundance of things. The plan, in a condensed version, is to prepare the yard and garden to grow as much as possible then grow all we can, raise the animals more efficiently, and make our hobbies profitable by going to farmers markets and selling things from our home.
This all sounds feasible, but now that we have begun the journey it appears quite overwhelming. However, I now God gives grace and will help us as long as we stay in His will. I just hope that my body will get over the whole being sore and achy thing, that is very uncomfortable.


Well, I had a pleasant birthday! I woke to mom singing "Happy Birthday" and the dog licking my face. Friends and relatives called to wish me a pleasant day, and I got everything I asked for except a tractor.
Although, I didn't expect one, I just threw the wish out there to see what would happen.
All together, I was reminded of how much I have been blessed and I was encouraged to continue in the faith that I call mine.

17 years is not a very long time, therefore I inevitably have many more years to live, unless the Lord takes me home. So I'll continue to live each day for my Lord, no matter how old I am, and just hope and pray that somehow He will be able to use me.
In the mean time I am sure to enjoy being 17! :)

2 Days Away!!!!!!!

I was born at 10 something pm on a Friday night 17 years ago this Saturday! I don't remember what it was like coming into this world( thank goodness) but it sure has been an adventure being here!
And to think I've only been here 17 years and, Lord willing, have several more to go. there's still a lot of miles to go and lessons to learn. My prayer is only that, in the end I will hear, "well done thou good and faithful servant, enter now into the joy of thy Lord."

a bit of encouragement

When I was little my family always told me that I could do whatever I set my mind to becuase I was a Thompson. Then, I accepted Christ as my savior at the age of 6 and grew in grace a LOT. I learned about not living in the flesh and disregarded our family saying as carnal, then wandered about slightly discouraged at the fact that I could no longer do whatever I set my mind to.
Now, 10 years later, I learn that the saying is not carnal, just misinterpreted! My pastor said that I'm a child of God, I can do whatever I set my mind to! Boy! Was that exciting news for me! I had never thought of it like that. Now that my encouragement is no longer carnal but heavenly, I feel as if I could conquer hell in the name of the Lord with a water gun!
Because I'm a child of God, I can do whatever I set my mind to!

Now, whether or not God will bless my doings is a whole other story!

Boys Will be Boys

My little brothers have decided on going on a new adventure. They have taken a fancy to tanning hides. As you know daddy shot a deer, but they were able to get some more a couple weeks after that. So my brothers had a grand total of three hides. The first accidentally thawed when the freezer threw a fit and decided to turn itself off. They just fleshed and partially de-haired the other one two days ago. unfortunately, a beginners mistake made quite the mess of that hide. and the third is stored away waiting for the two to have enough spare time to work it.
Personally, I am excited for my brothers since it's always good to learn a new trade, and because this means I might get the moccasins I've been wishing for! :) It's also fun to watch them learn, not only from words on paper, but from experience as well.

First Day of Work

Almost every day last month I said to myself " The first monday of January I will start work."
Today is the first Monday of January and all I've done is grind up deer meet. I don't Know if I should feel ashamed or make up excuses.I just feel so worn out; almost as if someone stole my energy in the night! (sigh)
Can't I give in to procrastination one more time!? I know I shouldn't, but I really am hindered, just not by anything life threatening.
I guess I should just suck it up and get busy. (sigh)
I think I've already lost this battle.
OH!!! I know what I'll do! ( hehehe)

the first day of work has been postponed due to the exhaustion of the workers. A day of ease is prescribed by Dr. Procrastination.

Haha! that is good enough for me! now if you would excuse me I'll be conjuring up something to do with myself, after I finish my schoolwork.


Today is the first day of 2010!
How exciting to think of a new year beginning today!!!
Yet, depressing to think of how many people will waste it. I hope you will use this year wisely and may we all get our hearts right with God, turn from our wicked ways, humble ourselves, and pray, and seek HIS face. Then God will hear our prayer and heal our land!



Procrastination is my worst enemy but it's not her fault this time! I haven't posted in a while because I have been really busy.
Some of my recent activities that might be of some interest to you are;
a) a trip to Randleman NC from the 21st to the 23rd
b) Christmas at home
c) Christmas party at a friends house
d) school work from 9:00am to 5:00pm the 28th-30th
e) cooking the day of the 31st
f) enjoying good preaching new years eve
e) sleeping in today!

Now I am anticipating my 17th birthday on the 16th, still doing school work, and starting work on the 4th. Work is getting our family's business started( more on that in an upcoming post) I am also tring to figure out how to put pictures on here so y'all can get a better look at these crazy things I talk about!

My Apologies

I'm sorry for not posting in forever. We've been really busy. What with Christmas And New Years. We went to see family and had a watch night service here at our home church, and long story short I didn't post because of time. Although I don't think there's very many readers here yet I still apologize to those of you who have faith in me.

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