God still answers prayer!

This has been a very busy week for me, but I have to say It was a good week. The Lord reminded me Wednesday that He cares about the small stuff!
What happened was I needed a bale of hay for my rabbits but I only had 20$ and needed it for something more important, so there in the chicken coup I just asked God to provide a bale of hay for me.Then I left it at that.
Later on we were setting the table for lunch when the phone rang. Daddy answered and long story short a friend from our church put a bale of hay in the bed of our truck at the meeting that night!!!!
I was tickled, just to think that a God who spoke the world into existence and poured the oceans out of the palm of His hand would pay any attention to a speck like me is...humbling,encouraging... and flattering! I can't explain such joy just in knowing that Jesus Loves Me!!!
I could brag on my Lord for ever but I won't bore you with that. I just thought it might be a blessing to some of you to be reminded of how much our heavenly Father loves His children.


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