Christmas first then Thanks Giving

Isn't it odd how people prepare for Christmas in October. Then they take a break for Thanks Giving and after the turkey is gone, off to work they go. Shopping for good sales ahead of time, creating new decorations, planning the meal or the trip, or whatever just to "beat the rush" of last minute Christmas traffic. I guess there is some logic to that since, after all they do get better deals for less stress! Well, it just so happens that I'm one of those odd folks too, only with out the shopping. I've decided to make everybody Christmas gifts this year in order to save money(that I don't have anyway). If I was just buying stuff I probably would've procrastinated my Christmas preps to December 1st at the earliest! This year I'm sewing,crocheting,and...well...making things for my family and friends! I think this will be fun, we'll just wait to see how it all turns out :)


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