A Wonderful Opportunity

Since thanksgiving is this Thursday I figured I'd snatch this opportunity to praise my saviour a little. God has been soo good to me there is just no way I could list everything I'm thankful for. Just a few things are, He saved me at 6 years old and has protected me since then, He took the broken pieces of my family and miraculously put us back together, He has given me the privilege to grow up in a good home and get a good education, He placed my family in a good church, He has blessed us with an abundance of things, He keeps my family healthy, He gave my dad a good job, He has given me and my brothers talents and the opportunity to develop them, Our Lord has been right beside us through thick and thin, He's never left us alone or destitute, He has gone out of His way to make sure we stay on the right path, He blessed us with good neighbors and faithful friends, He gave me the privilege of being born in the good ol' USA were I have the freedom to worship Him and read His word, God has given us His Holy Spirit Through which He comforts us and guides us, He covers me with His wings when I'm weary, Hides me in the cleft of His Rock when I'm scared, Understands when I can't explain it, He hears me when I just need to talk, He caries me when the mire is too high for me to wade through, Praise God he gives me hope and a purpose, He is my lively hope, my hope of heaven and rest and salvation. Don't think that He is my hope in the sense that He is something I hope is real because I know He is real for I've witnessed His works and feel His presence in my life everyday.
Dear reader, you may think I'm stupid or crazy, that I've bought in to some sort of lie or whatever, and that's alright. May God open your eyes to His love for you and soften your heart towards Him. I sure would love to stroll over heaven with you. Until then I'll just keep on walkin' this way and prayin' for you.
May God bless all of y'all and give you a happy Thanks giving!!!


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