Fall Gardening

This year we decided to grow kale in our fall garden along with broccoli,spinach and lettuce. We harvested a little kale the other day and boy was it good! Mama baked it on her pizza stone; the flavors all blended so well I couldn't tell what seasonings and things she put on it. Me and Dad both enjoyed it but, my brothers who are a little skeptical about green things didn't like it.
The rest of our garden is doing good. The broccoli are starting to get tall now and the spinach and lettuce just got their true leaves a couple weeks ago.The asparagus we planted last year will be salted this month and should be ready to harvest sometime next spring.
Our garden projects this fall are to get raised beds built for next spring and cold frames put together so we can start seeds early next year.
I love gardening and can't wait to see how ours will turn out this fall!


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