Just about everybody loves puppies, they're adorable, cuddly, smelly, snuggly, fuzzy, little bundles of love, and I have discovered the perfect way to keep them! The perfect puppy plan is simple and will help you keep accidents and messes down to a minimum while your joy and happiness overflow! I am convinced that this perfect puppy plan is so perfect that I will guarantee it's perfection with the promise that you can return the puppy if the plan doesn't work for you.
So, here's the plan. You bring the puppy home and make it nice and comfortable, don't forget to feed it and water it, and play with every now and then. Then when it's owner returns from his/her trip take the puppies back. Now go back to your house and enjoy a peaceful evening without having to take a whiny, squirmy thing out side in the freezing cold in your pajamas!
Your right, it's PUPPY SITTING!!! We are watching a couple pups this weak. They are lab/boxer mixes and are the cutest things! However, the two dogs we already have are very jealous and glad that we aren't keeping these fuzz-balls. We will have them for one or two more days then we will take them home and enjoy our peaceful evening!
That's the plan, and I hope you like it, if by some chance you happen to use it.
So to all you puppy fans, Happy Puppy Sitting!!!


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