We finally began work yesterday! You would think that this wouldn't be an exciting fact, but I am ecstatic! We've gotten soo much done, I don't want to bore you with the list!It is very impressive what folks can accomplish when they work together. :)
Now our family is several steps closer to being able to start our own business! Which will be called Grace and Glory Gardens, in honor of our Savior who has blessed us with such an abundance of things. The plan, in a condensed version, is to prepare the yard and garden to grow as much as possible then grow all we can, raise the animals more efficiently, and make our hobbies profitable by going to farmers markets and selling things from our home.
This all sounds feasible, but now that we have begun the journey it appears quite overwhelming. However, I now God gives grace and will help us as long as we stay in His will. I just hope that my body will get over the whole being sore and achy thing, that is very uncomfortable.


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