First Day of Work

Almost every day last month I said to myself " The first monday of January I will start work."
Today is the first Monday of January and all I've done is grind up deer meet. I don't Know if I should feel ashamed or make up excuses.I just feel so worn out; almost as if someone stole my energy in the night! (sigh)
Can't I give in to procrastination one more time!? I know I shouldn't, but I really am hindered, just not by anything life threatening.
I guess I should just suck it up and get busy. (sigh)
I think I've already lost this battle.
OH!!! I know what I'll do! ( hehehe)

the first day of work has been postponed due to the exhaustion of the workers. A day of ease is prescribed by Dr. Procrastination.

Haha! that is good enough for me! now if you would excuse me I'll be conjuring up something to do with myself, after I finish my schoolwork.


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