I have three brothers. They are 21, 15, and almost 14( in march). my older brother, Josh, lives in Missouri and he is my 2nd favorite hero. Simply because he is my big brother and there's nothin' I wouldn't do for him.
My other 2 brothers are my little brothers and they are usually just in my hair. However, yesterday and today they've been gone on a baptist history tour that most of the men in our church went on. Soo.... I've had the whole house to myself and mom and honestly I have had a delightful time! I feel a little guilty for having so much fun without them, but I still can't help but enjoy the peace and quiet. It's even been worth the extra work!
I know, I know, I'm horribly awful and that's okay with me, but if it makes you feel any better I am starting to miss them. I miss their laughing, and the mumble in the back ground, I miss having someone to tease and someone to object to the girly movies my mom and I like so much, but I know that they are coming back tonight and that makes me feel better.
Honestly, I would go stir crazy if my brothers stayed gone for long. It's too quiet without them. I really do look forward to their return, silly as I might sound, my brothers mean a great deal to me and I'd give anything to make sure that they were always safe and happy.I'm very thankful for my brothers, and I can't wait, well yes I can, but it will be exciting to see what kind of men they become.
Nevertheless, until they return I will continue to enjoy the peace and quiet they left for me as well as all the extra goodies I can treat myself to while they're away!

Lots of ice cream for instance! ;)

That's all for now, ttyl

~finding joy in the small stuff~Miss Taeler~


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