Just Another Day

Well, the puppies went home and the house was...well, semi-cleaned, We put our heads back in the books and...basically returned to life as usual. Our to do list is still 50 or so miles long and the dishes have stacked up on the counter again, but they will all get done in time. I just wanted to snatch the opportunity to sit in the warm sun puddle that just happened to be pooling on my desk chair. So, I figured I would blurb a little.
This week has been tiresome, even though we haven't done much, all this rain and gloominess just wears me out. Today however, the sun decided to stay with us a while and I have most definitely enjoyed it!
These "usual" days at the house are my favorite because God always reminds me of how blessed I've been. There's work to do and books to read, definitions to learn and family to chat with, warmth in the house and good food to eat, and soo many other seemingly little things that, all too often, are taken for granted. When it's peaceful on these days it's soo much easier to read my bible and the quietness refreshes my mind and makes it easier to think. Thank God for usual days! I'm afraid I might blow my top if I didn't have them.
Any way, I'm done, just felt like sharing my thoughts come again some other time and I will probably have something more interesting for you to read. TTYL


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