Vitamin Facts part 1

Vitamin A

When I think of vitamin A, I automatically think of carrots. I must admit that the two go hand in hand, however, there is much more to vitamin A than the orange root that most children despise.
Did you know that a vitamin A deficiency can cause night blindness, sensitivity to light, dry and rough skin,dull hair, ridges in your nails, poorly formed teeth, diseased gums, and stunted growth! I knew it was important but didn't know it was that important!
So where can we get enough vitamin A to prevent having a deficiency? CARROTS! Not really, they are a good source but so is any dark green or dark yellow vegetables and dark yellow fruits. As well as egg yolks, milk, fish liver oils, liver, and real butter. So, if your kids don't like carrots very much, don't worry. It's good to make them continually try little bites, since kids tastes change as they grow, but miss mom, they won't loose their sight if they don't eat a carrot a day.
Now the question is, "How much vitamin A is enough?" Well, you generally need to eat at least one serving of vegetables twice a day. That should be easy, right?
Yes, I know, easier said than done. I don't think that my family even eats that many vegetables! (OOPS)
However, of you eat a lot of vitamin A it will help you have healthy,smooth skin, it will help you see well and help you develop healthy bones and tooth enamel. It will also help your body fight infections and colds! So, happy Vitamin A to all of you and may we all eat healthier!


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